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With phenomenal growth of population the Transportation Network of Hyderabad has extended and become dense especially in urban portion of Hyderabad District. The burden of traffic on roadways is increasing day by day and causing more risk to the dwellers health. Road accidents have doubled during last five years besides the increase in several chronic physical and mental disorders due to air and noise pollution.


Population density in 60% areas of the city is very high especially in old city area and katchi abadies (squatter settlements). Whereas land use functional distribution is unplanned and concentrated in old city area especially retail and wholesale commercial functions. Socio-economically deprived and lower working class is the dominant population segment of these areas where living conditions are the significant cause of deteriorating public health due to unmanaged and unhygienic environmental conditions. The seasonal as well as diurnal weather change with awful environmental and living conditions enhances the deteriorated health. In weather transitional period epidemic patterns of acute epidemic of influenza, cough, sore throat, asthma attacks prevail throughout Hyderabad.


The public sector inherits meager financial resources for Hyderabad District as it is similar to the situation prevails all over Pakistan. Consequently a chain of problems is in front of Local Health Managers, Scientists, Professionals and ultimately the nation. Main health issues of Hyderabad are:


  • Increasing Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)
  • Increasing Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Extremely High
  • Low nutritional status of Women and Children
  • Growing Cardiac Problems
  • Expanding Cardiac Associated Problems
  • High raise of road accidents
  • High Incidence of Malaria, Diarrhea and Cholera
  • Rapidly increasing incidence Rate of chronic disorders such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension etc.
  • Increasing rate of Hep. B & C, Cancers and Dengue etc.
  • Unhealthy life style and unhygienic living conditions

In public sector Hyderabad comprises 85 health units under District Government control in which major District Government Hospitals (DGH) are DGH Shah Bhitai, DGH Paretabad, DGH Qasimabad, DGH CDF, DGH Phulleli and DGH Kohsar. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Hospital (Civil Hospital – Hyderabad) and its affiliated institutes such as Sir Cowasjee Jahangir Institute of Psychiatry work under Provincial Government’s command. Private sector is also actively participating to provide quality health services such as Memon Charitable Hospital, Bone Care Hospital, Al – Quresh Hospital, Bin Tayyab Hospital, Muslim Marwar Hospital, ABM Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Isra University Hospital, Mehmood Hospital, Asim Clinic, Rajputana Hospital, Ghani Hospital, City Care Hospital, Hilal-e-Ahmer Hospital, Mohammadi Hospital, Maaji Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, St. Elizabeth (American) Hospital, Orthopedic & General Hospital, Surgicare Hospital, Hajiani Day & Night Hospital, Balair Hospital, Naseem Medical Centre and hundreds of small clinics etc.


Existing infrastructure is still insufficient and affordability of high quality service through private sector is a big issue especially for lower middle and working class of the district. The patients are not getting proper attention by the medical staff, medicines and diagnostic equipments are scarce and so many other facilities are also missing.


To ensure standard health facilities for the poor masses, around 21 schemes of PKR. 339.4 million have been launched by the present District Government as an immediate action plan. These include:

  • Construction of 06 new hospitals, including a modern Trauma Center with helipad on the rooftop
  • Diabetic Centers in 65 Health Units
  • Free Dialysis Center
  • Uplift of mother and child care centers
  • Provision of required medicines and chemical equipments
  • Uplifting of Pathological Labs
  • Establishment of Cardiac and Pediatric Wards
  • Anti viral and bacterial campaigns
  • Free treatment of Hepatitis Patients

Another important development in the health-related services is the establishment of the first ever food testing laboratory by any district government. Now timely examination of substandard food is done in Hyderabad and action against the defaulters is not delayed, whereas previously food samples had to be sent to Karachi for testing.