Daily removal of Municipal Solid Waste is one of the dire necessities of Hyderabad City, Latifabad and Qasimabad Talukas, which due to inadequate means of transportation, supplemented by shortage of staff keeps on pileup. The rate of removal of MSW is not commensurate with the waste being generated at these 3 Talukas. The piled up MSW not only creates unhygienic conditions but also spoils the aesthetics of the area. A projected amount of solid waste generation in Hyderabad per day is 807.37 tons with a rate of 0.563 kg/c/day which is around 0.3 million tons per year. It is generated through Household related activities, Agricultural related activities, Educational activities, Health care related activities, Market and Commercial Centre activities, Industrial activities, and Transport activities. Only a little more than half of it has been collected by the Union Councils under surveillance of TMAs and rest goes in the environment providing breeding places for disease vectors and environmental hazardous components.


Recently District Government has supported the TMAs and Cantonment Board Hyderabad in terms of 44 garbage collection vehicles, 3 mechanical sweepers, cesspool tankers, winch machines and a roading machines in order to improve garbage disposal and general sanitation. A 200 acre area has been allocated for landfill site and 54 schemes of PKR 125.1 million have been introduced.