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Transport sector contributes immensely to the economic growth and poverty eradication in the country through various ways. An efficient transport infrastructure is vital in supporting economic growth and improvement of the quality of life of the populace. Roads are the backbone of the transport sector in the country. They are vital for the movement of people and goods and play an important role in integrating the country, facilitating economic growth, and ultimately reducing poverty.


Road transport in Hyderabad is by far the most dominant mode of transport, carrying well over 80% of passenger and freight traffic and serving as a true backbone supporting the districtís economy. In Hyderabad intra-city road network is a distinct road network comprising of Arterial, Collectors, Minor Collectors and Distributory roads / Streets with a total paved length of approximately 1037.97 kilometers. Latifabad is the only fully planned neighborhood that incorporates grid-iron pattern of road network.


Hyderabad has been neglected since many years. Most of the roads and intersections are either congested or poses traffic hazards. Driving in Hyderabad has become strenuous and time and money are also wasted due to forced flows.
There is variety of problems being faced by the road-users in Hyderabad. These problems include, but not limited to, following:

  • poor road maintenance
  • haphazard parking along road side
  • improper road geometry
  • irresponsible driving behavior
  • lack of pedestrian facilities
  • encroachment on pavements and footpaths
  • lack of road signs and pavement markings
  • street vending
  • inadequate traffic signal control and street lighting
  • inefficient bus operation
  • incomplete route coverage
  • passage of heavy vehicles through busy corridors
  • incompatible land uses in CBD

Hyderabad is connected via rail network which caters for about 20% of passengers and freight traffic. The only airport in Hyderabad is now operational after a gap of 10 years.


In Hyderabad there are 19 bridges in all, out of which one is over the railway track, four are flyovers (one has been completed, three are under construction) and the rest over the three irrigation canals.


Although the maintenance of Hyderabadís roads has been poor and problematic but in recent years District Government Hyderabad has focused on this critical issue and during last three years 371 schemes have been initiated at the cost of PKR 8436.444 million. As an immediate measure following schemes were initiated:

  • Construction of flyovers and Underpasses
    To address the issue of traffic congestion and to ease the traffic pressure on road due to rapid increase in car ownership, 08 Flyovers and 01 Underpass are being constructed at Latifabad, Shahbaz Chowk, Hero Chowk, Khuwaja Gharib Nawaz Chowk with Underpass.
    The Flyover at Latifabad Railway Crossing has been completed, which is the first ever flyover in Hyderabad District.
  • Construction of bridges on three canals
    The bridges on the Lined Channel, Phulleli and Pinyari Canals are of old vintage and do not bear the increasing load of traffic. Therefore District Government is constructing five more wider on these canals to ease the present and future congestion.
  • Construction of asphalt roads
    District Government Hyderabad is constructing all main roads with Asphalt material. These roads are extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Rehabilitation of old roads
    District Government Hyderabad has taken the task of rehabilitation of main roads. This rehabilitation has added the modern look to Hyderabad.