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Hyderabad is the second largest city of Sindh and a rapidly growing urban center. However the absence of a Master Plan and detailed baseline geographic information of Hyderabad was resulting in a haphazard urban sprawl, wide spread katchi abadis / slums and gross deficiencies of required infrastructure / utilities, constraining the potential economic opportunities of Hyderabad. Taking stock of the situation, the District Government launched the HYDERABAD MASTER PLAN 2027 project which adopted a two tier approach of planning and development. At first, it started from immediate actions to address the dire needed issues in existing infrastructure and utilities. Secondly, District Government found it imperative that a long term Master Plan with a visionary and futuristic outlook is formulated as the most important project to set out a strategic framework and overall development direction and future patterns of the city over the next 20 years and beyond.

District Govt. Hyderabad is also proud to launch the HYDERABAD GIS PROJECT , which is first of its kind project undertaken by any city in Pakistan. Latest technology of Geographical Information System (GIS) is being used for mapping of all main land features in Hyderabad city. Focus of the GIS project is on Detailed Base Map, Water Distribution GIS, Sewerage & Drainage GIS, Land Marks GIS, Education GIS, Health GIS, Transportation GIS, and Plot Level Property GIS. Hyderabad Master Plan encompasses the requirements of Hyderabad up to the year 2027 in the following sectors


Transportation (Roads & Bridges)

Environment & Beautification





Water Supply

Solid Waste Management

Sewerage & Drainage

Community Development


Land use


Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Poultry


The Goal of GIS project is to establish a central GIS repository of Hyderabad city that would provide spatial (mapping) data and GIS related services to all Planning, Development, Municipal, and Utility departments working in the city. For the General Public & Business Community, it aims to provide world class user friendly features through internet to locate all major Roads, Govt. offices, Educational facilities (from Universities to Private Schools), Health facilities (from Hospitals to Drug stores), and ultimately each & every plot in the city. In the Phase 1 (currently under execution), major focus is towards DEVELOPING a seamless digital map of Hyderabad city with the all main features whereas in Phase 2 emphasis will be towards providing SERVICES through this GIS system to all stakeholders in the city.


Hyderabad GIS Project is going to bring Hyderabad city on the Internet Map of the world, and will Insha-Allah make Hyderabad most user friendly & organized city in Pakistan as it will not only help the District Govt. & related Departments to proper plan, execute, monitor & manage the city; but it will also help both the Residents & Visitors to easily locate most organization, business, or residential addresses in Hyderabad. Some pubic features of the project are being web deployed for the general public as a public service at this stage. So, I welcome you on this website, and hope that you will find this website as a useful tool. These projects were awarded to Master Plan and GIS Consultants (Osmani & Company Pvt. Ltd.), who are working on day & night basis to make the dream a reality within a short period of time, and both projects are near finalization.